meet us

Hello friends and welcome to Hank + Hazel!  We are beyond thrilled you are here and are grateful to have you support us and our dreams of bringing you the perfect, practical bib!


A little bit about us...we were born only 57 days apart, grew up going to every single birthday party, lived around the corner during our teenage years, and were roommates for our first two years of college. The cherry on top is . . . we are COUSINS, so basically built in BFFs.

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Growing up our grandparents, George & Donna, instilled the importance of family and spending time together!  We spent lots of time at their home picking fresh raspberries and veggies from their garden, taking wild rides in the wheelbarrow, climbing their plum and cherry trees, eating tons of delicious homemade food, and celebrating any chance we could get.  We count it one of our greatest blessings to be part of such an amazing and large family (we are #15 & #16 of 83 and still growing!).


Erica is married to her favorite person, Tyler, and they have three kids named

Grant, Tilly and Hank.  She has been an RN since 2007; is a jeans, t-shirt and flip flops kind of girl; loves being outdoors; is a candy enthusiast; could eat soup every single day; absolutely hates pineapple on pizza and is happiest sitting on the beach with her family.  


Rachel is wife to Mike, and mama to Lucas, Oliver & Hazel.  She has worked in project management since 2008  and will totally geek out when it comes to organization, checklists, and detail.  She loves to  head to the mountains any chance she can with her family to enjoy the incredible scenery of the Utah mountains, has a new found love of Disneyland, can consume ridiculous amounts of Thai food and dreams on the daily of moving to wide open spaces!

Having raised six littles between us, we understand that there are a lot of daily messes and memories happening.  As mamas we know how incredible it is when you find one of those products you just can’t live without. The bibbie is one of

those for us and we hope it becomes that for you too!  


Thanks for stopping by and we can't wait to see your bibbie babies creating messes & making memories!