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In the summer of 1952, our Grandma Donna drew the first bibbie pattern on her local newspaper.  She wanted to create a full coverage bib that would cover and protect the twirly dresses of her two little girls, Julie and Lynne (our Moms), from the everyday messes of life.


Grandma’s daughter, Lynne, continued creating bibbies for her youngest daughter, Erica and niece, Rachel.  When she became “Grandma Lynnie”, she continued to make a higher quality bib by adding a reversible, quilted fabric to improve its absorbency and usefulness.  She also designed different sizes so babies, toddlers, and young kids had a bibbie to wear. Lynne and her sister Jeanne started the first bibbie company in 2008.  They have now passed the torch to us to continue making the perfect bib.  

L to R: Lynne, Erica, Grandma Donna, Rachel & Julie

Since we became mamas, bibbies have been a product that we use everyday.  We cannot count the number of times our six children have worn bibbies at home, out to eat, in the car, at picnics and much more!  We have also appreciated not having to spot and treat stubborn stains after meal time and other messy occasions.  

Hank, Erica’s youngest, and Hazel, Rachel’s youngest, are the inspiration behind our company name.  They are bibbie babies through and through.  As mamas we know how incredible it is when you find one of those products you just can’t live without. The bibbie is one of those for us and we hope it becomes that for you too!  We are delighted to share our three-generation family bibbie with you. 

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