why the BIBBIE?

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We've got your little ones covered!  BIBBIES are unique in the way they cover the front, lap, sides, and back while still being comfortable.  During mealtime wiggles and messy creations you will be able to keep their clothes clean.



Our BIBBIES are quilted for a reason.  Between two layers of 100% cotton fabric is a layer of polyester batting.  All three layers, quilted together, are what make the bib extremely absorbent.



With the BIBBIE being a part of our family for over 70 years, over time it’s design has improved to make it a product that will last.  BIBBIES have been worn and washed countless times and have proven to maintain their integrity.



Having a BIBBIE that is reversible gives you two fun, bright and colorful patterns to choose from. We have learned that giving options, especially to independent, strong-willed toddlers, will help in their willingness to wear a BIBBIE.